The idea of this blog is to share ideas for using hand-made pots to serve good food.

Eating with friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I hope to show how the warmth and character of hand made ceramics can really enhance the pleasure of cooking, serving and eating food.

This blog will include pots from other potters as well as my own and recipes for the food which I enjoy, hoping that you will like it too.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have been feeling a touch of bloggers guilt about the length of time between posts.  Apologies for the delay in getting around to talking about the mug swap I mentioned in my last post.  It has been a busy time in the workshop.

The mug on the left is like the one I gave to Josie Walter in exchange for her spotty one on the right.
I am enjoying using the mug she made.  It is well balanced and the handle feels comfortable to hold.
I remember having a discussion with another potter about why we make mugs.  The thing is that for the amount of work involved, they are less cost effective than many other pots, such as bowls or jugs.  However, this is the pot which people really develop a close relationship with.  You pick it up, hold it, put it in your mouth and warm your hands round it.  Often it is chosen from a selection of mugs, according to personal favourites or the type of drink to be consumed.  I think for many people it becomes a way in to an appreciation of hand-made pots.  Hopefully when someone has been seduced by a mug, they will come back and buy more pots, realising the warmth that comes from something which has not been mass produced.

I have a shelf of mugs and my favourites change with mood, season, whim etc.  I also enjoy asking friends to choose a mug and seeing which one they choose.  Sometimes they get worried that I am making character assessments according to their choice.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I am, though I am not sure that I would be able to articulate what they are.

I do like a large cup for tea in the morning.  My current favourite is the one second from the right at the top - a chunky robust mug by Doug Fitch.  It has some tactile sprigs on it and a general feeling of warmth and generosity which reflects his own character.  I guess that's another thing about hand made pots, especially where you have met the maker, you can feel the presence of the potter in the pot.